We are only a few hours old. But the messages of condemnation have already started pouring in. There are way too many to list here. This below is an example from a gentleman who calls himself Shariq. He compares us to ISIS. Lovely.

“You and ISIS have one thing in common, both of you feel that you are doing good for Islam. Islam as a religion doesn’t hate you as a person. Islam, Judaism and Christianity is against the sin you do and in your heart you know it, as you have already declared your identity as a sinner. It is you against the Quran, torah and bible then why spread hatred towards just muslims. You are probably happy to get support from top non-muslim celebrities. They all love you. Let me make it clear I don’t hate you or what you do in your private life it is you who will be answerable in front of Allah and I will be judged for mine sins. I have sinned in life, every human being makes mistakes but we do not advertise to get sympathy from non-believers. You made haj but no one told you about hiding yours and others sins. I pray Allah guides us to straight path.”

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