Crazy love and support as our journey continues! How many films can claim to be sold out in New York on Labor Day weekend? We can!

The raves pour in. A huge feather in our cap–we are a New York Times CRITICS’ PICK ! Not many films get that honor! The Times said “Mr. Sharma has created a swirling, fascinating travelogue and a stirring celebration of devotion. We emerge from his film more enlightened.” The tough reviewers at the Village Voice said “Next time you hear politicians or right-wing broadcasters asking why “moderate” Muslims don’t denounce terrorism, show them this movie” It doesn’t stop there–all the TOP newspapers in the country LOVE the film. The Los Angeles Times says ” Challenging his own faith in the face of adversity” The Washington Post says ” Complex…Revelatory”

And on top of all that we were THRILLED to get a massive feature profile about us in The New York Times! Once again–its a VERY big deal. Most indy films don’t get even close to this kind of cool press stuff–the worlds top newspaper of record endorses the film once again!

There is so much more press, we can’t keep track! Some of it is here!

As the journey continues as of today we are AVAILABLE ON ITUNES!  Thousands of you have asked how do we see the film and iTunes is the best way! Its the Directors Cut of the entire feature film! And even more! As of today we are also on Netflix! Do watch the film–rate it high on Netflix and iTunes so we can prove haters like this man (disgusting email reproduced as is–only to show what we are up against) WRONG! We have edited some of the worst expletive ridden parts, not fit to print.

“You filty dirty SCUMS  go all the way to the holy site to make your dirty homosexual video, and now you claim you are Muslims and you have been targeted by the Saudis? Burn in hell with the rest of the Jews you filth”

He calls himself Abdul Karim. He needs to be proven wrong and we can together do that! More to come, watch this space!

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