The hate continues to mount. Here are some recent examples. I wish the haters who are writing all over the social web and also emailing us directly through the back-end of this website would do spell-checks on their virulent and angry messages. In any case, with every negative message, our resolve grows stronger.

homosexuality is not accepted in Islam. It’s an act punishable by death, and your hajj, only God almighty knows wether it is acceptable. Your supposed to hide your sins, not show them to the entire world, for it is a grave sin. Going to the most holiest site in islam for what ?? to show the, world that your a faghot ? Don’t compromise your faith for a few applauses and Benjamin’s, along with popularity. You might think your doing a great thing to God almighty, but know that you are earning his wrath by going against the commandments of the Quran, and the sunnah. I don’t think you would listen or heed. You would only realise it when death over takes you, which it would eventually, just like for all of us. The Almighty destroyed the nation of Lut (Lot), due its promiscuity and homosexuality. don’t ever say, you weren’t warned.”

“We need to find a Sheikh who can issue a fatwa against this bastard. He is insulting Islam and playing to the West. Death penalty for him, now.

“He needz to read Quran and here about Nation of Lot story. He is calling himself sinner because he knows that in Islam’s name he has sinned. Punishment shud be stoning or throwing of high cliff just as ISIS does.

This man will be killed. It is only matter of time. He is insulting Islam. He is insulting our Prophet (pbuh) and he is making mockery of Makkah and our holy places. How dare he “marry” another man and go on Hajj. His Haj will never be accepeted by Allah. There is special place in hell for people like him and he knowz that..that is why he callz himself sinner…”

“I think ISIS needz to get 2 this guy. They will know what to do wid him. May he rot in hell. He will never escape the anger of Allah and he will not survive for long.”

2 Responses to Haters need to spell-check please.

  1. D/NO says:

    Big congratulations and much luck on your film, Parvez. Having directed a film where I was told by numerous people of the dangers of making it, I understand well the drive to follow your instinct because of what you know is right. Your audience will find you and will be transformed by your bravery.

    Can’t wait to see it.

    Dino Dinco
    Homeboy, director/producer

  2. Erling Larsen says:

    I listened to your interview on Q last week and found it fascinating and inspiring. Your personal journey and your art are inextricably linked, and it makes for a powerful statement of our shared humanity. I’m looking forward to the opportunity of watching your film in the near future.

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